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How to Save Water

Save Water....Save Money....Save Energy....Promote a Healthier Landscape....Promote a healthier planet

Balancing the costs of delivering the water verses the benefits the water brings is the challenge.
Efficient design, smart controllers, rain sensors, and efficient heads and nozzles all help.
Not only does a green healthy landscape look nice but it absorbs carbon dioxide and pollution, keeps a property cooler in the summer, all while producing oxygen.
Unless you constantly monitor your landscaping water needs and run your irrigation system manually you may want to look into modern water saving controller and rain sensor. Many of the newer controllers can automatically adjust your watering depending on the month of the year or even on the site weather conditions. A good rain sensor can quickly shut off your controller in response to rain and keep it off until things start to dry out.
Even some of the older controllers have a seasonal adjust/water budget feature that you can use to make adjustments easier. Even if you get the timing right is your system efficient?

Command Irrigation can help you take a look at all these factors and make suggestions that make sense for you.

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